Musical Chairs and Musical Statues Games

Looking for Musical Chairs and Musical Statues Games? We are going to present you the best games! Also, take a look at the best musical games for kids birthday parties. There you have lots of ideas for your party entertainment. Don’t forget to read our previous posts about traditional ball games for kids and funny games to play in the park Continue reading “Musical Chairs and Musical Statues Games”

Traditional ball games for kids

There are several Traditional ball games for kids all over the world. And that’s what we are going to talk about. Traditional games can be very fun, and kids love them, as much as they love other games, and sometimes even more! Read this post and find the best traditional ball games. Also, take a look at our posts about funny games to play in the park and jogging in the local park Continue reading “Traditional ball games for kids”

Funny games to play in the park

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Getting along with the new neighbours

Getting along with the new neighbours can be a great experience! New people, new cultures, new horizons opening! It’s always nice to meet new people, and when they are our neighbours, even better, because they accompany us every day. Once you met your neighbours, now it’s time to give a welcome to the new ones! Let’s see how you can give a good impression! Continue reading “Getting along with the new neighbours”