Helping the foreign neighbours to settle down

Do you intend to be helping the Foreign Neighbours to Settle Down? Well, that is a very humane attitude to have, especially in these times of racism and xenophobia against people from the Middle East and other regions. Before continue reading this post, I suggest you have a look at some of our previous posts. They can help you too. So, try these ones: ideas to regenerate your neighbourhood and organising a bake sale for charityContinue reading “Helping the foreign neighbours to settle down”

Ideas to Regenerate your Neighbourhood

In this article, we explore some Ideas to regenerate your Neighbourhood that we hope will inspire you to get busy and make a change in your hometown. You might also like to read our previous posts, such as organising a bake sale for charity and some funny contest for your neighbourhood party. Continue reading “Ideas to Regenerate your Neighbourhood”