Party food items to do at home

Looking for the best Party food items to do at home? In this post, you will find some great party foods that you can easily do at home. You can do some meal boxes, or you can opt for serving the all party menu in plates disposed on the table. You choose! Also, have a look at our previous posts about organising a party in your community centre and who to hire for a kids’ birthdayContinue reading “Party food items to do at home”

Musical Chairs and Musical Statues Games

Looking for Musical Chairs and Musical Statues Games? We are going to present you the best games! Also, take a look at the best musical games for kids birthday parties. There you have lots of ideas for your party entertainment. Don’t forget to read our previous posts about traditional ball games for kids and funny games to play in the park Continue reading “Musical Chairs and Musical Statues Games”

Who to hire for a kids’ birthday

Do you know Who to hire for a kids’ birthday? You have many options to make your kids’ birthday party amazing, and hiring kids’ party entertainers is a great option. Have you already thought about giving a themed facepainting party? Kids love having their faces painted, but we have many other ideas. Take a look!  Continue reading “Who to hire for a kids’ birthday”