Some funny contest for your neighbourhood party


Looking for Some funny contest for your neighbourhood party? If you are thinking about organising a neighbourhood party, we have some great ideas for you! You can also get some other ideas in our previous posts, such as decorating a community party and organising a party in your community centre. Now, let’s have some fun with funny contests. 

A party of the neighbourhood can be quite fun, and it’s an excellent idea to know your neighbours and to establish relations of friendship among you.

In fact, there’s nothing like having good relationships with our neighbours. They can help us in the most difficult situations, we can spend time with them, and create strong ties either by affinity or by proximity among you.

Some funny contest for your neighbourhood party – Have a lot of fun! 

If you want to do something different in your party, how about some funny contest for your Neighbourhood party? I have great ideas to give you! Get some!some funny contest for your neighbourhood party ideas


There is nothing more fun than a canvas, brushes and paints! Is not super fun be full of paint, from the hair to toe? We are not talking about any paint balloons battle, although it is a lot of fun too, but we are talking about a painting contest.

Divide the neighbourhood into groups, or distribute a canvas for each family. The idea is you guys create a fun picture, where each contributes to a portion of the canvas, painting a fun picture.

Then elect 3 or 4 people to be jurors in order to evaluate what the best and most original picture of all.

To the prize, you can offer a paint kit. If you are looking for Some funny contest for your neighbourhood party, this is a great option! some-funny-contests-for-your-neighbourhood-party


Singing? For the whole neighbourhood? Why not? There are people who sing very well, and sure you will discover hidden talents in your neighbourhood, but there are also those who sing horribly wrong, and sure there are also those among your neighbours.

The fun is guaranteed with a karaoke contest, I can assure you. There will be amazing and fun performances.

Assemble a small stage, put a desk with a computer behind, connected to a television that will be in front of the stage, where it will spend the lyrics of the chosen songs.

Get two microphones in the case of wanting to sing in duos and speakers. It is also important to have a mixer to adjust the volume.

You can make a version of I Got Talent or Idols, electing a panel of judges who will select the best singers who will then do battles until you reach the final winner.

Looking for Some funny contest for your neighbourhood party? You certainly need to add this one to yours!

These are just two ideas for you to ensure the fun for a few hours during your party. However, just use your imagination to get bright ideas for contests. Enjoy the whole neighbourhood is together to have fun with Some funny contest for your neighbourhood party.

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