Funny games to play in the park

best games to play in the park

Looking for Funny games to play in the park ideas? A visit to the park with the kids can be quite fun, especially if you have some funny games for them to play. We have some ideas to give you. See also our articles talking about taking children out for a fun day and Jogging in the local park. 

Tired of seeing your children in front of the television and the computer? Go with them to the park and prepare some games to do with them. So you can promote healthy and active life, as well as provide an opportunity for your children to be close to nature.

5 funny games to play in the park


Playing in freedom is crucial for children to grow up healthy, not only physical but mental and emotional level as well. Although they prefer to be playing computer games or video games, there are many Funny games to play in the park. best funny games to play in the park

Scavenger Hunt

This game is great for exploring different corners of the park. So make a list of things for your kids to find. It may be a leaf of a tree in particular or a particular rock.

If you have many children, divide them into two groups, give each team a list and a bag where they are going to put the collected items. Then just combine a meeting place for when they have all the items, and the first team to reach the destination with all the items is the winner!

funny games to play in the park with kids


If you are looking for funny games to play in the park, this surely you have to try it! You can easily set up a badminton net in an area with grass.
Players must hit the badminton shuttle so that it passes to the other side of the net.

When the shuttle falls to the ground, the opponent gets a point. Win the team that reaches 21 points first.

funny games to play in the park with children

Frozen Tag

This is one of the favourite games of children. Ask them to spread themselves within the area you previously marked as the area of the game. Make an “it” player.

When that person tags other, this stays frozen in the exact position he was when he was touched. You can also play with your children and free the frozen players.

best games to play in the park

Hide and Seek

This is one of the funny games to play in the park with the kids. It is a classic and holds up to today the same enthusiasm as before.

So, all children will hide, but one, which will be responsible for finding the rest.

I can guarantee that your children will have fun while playing this game . Go changing the person who will find the rest (can be the first to found). They will be hours and hours of guaranteed fun!

Follow the Leader

You will be the leader, and the children will have to imitate all the gestures you make. Can be dance steps, jumps, palms, among other things. It is also a very good game to encourage children to move from day to day.

Did you like our ideas? I am sure you will have lots of fun on your upcoming visit to the park! Enjoy these funny games to play in the park!

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