Getting along with the new neighbours

Getting along new neighbours

Getting along with the new neighbours can be a great experience! New people, new cultures, new horizons opening! It’s always nice to meet new people, and when they are our neighbours, even better, because they accompany us every day. Once you met your neighbours, now it’s time to give a welcome to the new ones! Let’s see how you can give a good impression!

Getting along with the new neighbours is always a nice gesture to make a good impression. We know it is the first step to start a solid relationship that could last many years.

Here are some tips on how to make new neighbours feel welcome in the neighbourhood.

Getting along with the new neighbours – Tips


There are some steps that I will give you to cause a good impression. Look!

Find out who is moving

Do you know who are your new neighbours? They are a couple, a family with children or an elderly couple? Knowing this information is very important so you can receive them conveniently. You can know that asking the real estate broker who is selling the home, or other neighbours.

Getting along with the new neighbours tipsConsider making or preparing something

Getting along with the new neighbours is essential to create new ties. Do you remember when you changed? It was hard to even find out a cup of tea! So, as a gesture of affection, you can make or prepare something to offer. Here are some ideas.

  • Make a batch of cookies. Everyone likes, and you can follow up with a tea or coffee. If you see that they are having trouble finding the cups of tea, lend them some.
  • Prepare a hot meal for them to eat on site. You can serve the meals in plastic dishes, so they can use them in case they have not yet unpacked the boxes of crockery.Getting along new neighbours
  • Make a welcome basket. Place goodies there! Sweets are a sign of affection and you will be remembered by new neighbours by that gesture! You can buy a local craft basket, and put varieties of food inside. Leave a card with the welcome, then wrap it in cellophane. Deliver the basket in person. But watch out. Do this as soon as possible to not get them busy unpacking things, or avoid the first day.
  • Give them a plant for their garden, or even better, plant one in a vase.

Getting along with the new neighbours can be really pleasurable.

So introduce yourself personally a day or two after new neighbours move.
Go to their house with your family. Knock on the door and say you’re there to welcome to the neighbourhood. Offer to help if they need to, or even to give some information.

When you start a conversation does not make them feel a questioning. The privacy must be maintained!

Keep the first conversation short and to the point. Over time, you will be meeting, and then yes, you can stretch into the conversation. Remember that it is better to go wrong by giving more space than imposing your presence.

Now that you know everything you must do, let’s Getting along with the new neighbours!

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