Ideas to Regenerate your Neighbourhood

best ideas to regenerate youe neighbourhood

In this article, we explore some Ideas to regenerate your Neighbourhood that we hope will inspire you to get busy and make a change in your hometown. You might also like to read our previous posts, such as organising a bake sale for charity and some funny contest for your neighbourhood party.

Nowadays there is a lot of neighbourhoods that are in need of a change, initiated by the people, and for the people, that live there. Especially the children.

best ideas to regenerate youe neighbourhood

They can be both the reason for the change, as the motor for the change, by participating in it and develop a sense of social responsibility. They will also develop self-confidence due to their acknowledgment of their skills, of what they are able to do.

Some great ideas to regenerate your neighbourhood

There are some great things you can do in your neighbourhood. You just need to let your imagination flies, and with our help, I am sure you will have an awesome regenerating of your neighbourhood. Have a look and enjoy our ideas!

best ideas to regenerate your neighbourhood

1 – The first of our Ideas to regenerate your Neighbourhood is a community garden.

Food is a social – and global – concern due to the poisoning with heavy toxins like pesticides, the exhaustion of the soils by intensive agriculture. There is also the concern of companies monopolizing food resource.

In a community garden you learn about the importance of food, teach it to children and integrate them in this method of regeneration.

Start by studying methods and crops, then teach them how to do it with both lectures and practice. In this garden, you can grow vegetables and fruits, with no use of toxins that will supply your home with fresh food that grew naturally.

Your kids will develop skills that will be essential for the future, and you can create an environment of cooperation and solid relationships.

best idea to regenerate your neighbourhood

2 – Next on our Ideas to Regenerate your Neighbourhood is a band.

Music is one of the most beautiful ways of developing yourself, and kids have that energy to really get into it and build themselves with musical expression.

In your neighbourhood, you can gather some children – and integrate adults also – in a garage or other spot, and introduce them to musical instruments.

Gather the players of the neighborhood who can teach them what they know, and begin with classes. This is one of our favorite ideas on Ideas to regenerate your Neighbourhood.

Then, as kids learn more and more about music and get involved with it, they will figure out what is that they want to do.

Start a band, a community orchestra if you will, and rearrange traditional songs with the instruments you have and with your own rhythms.

You can start to give concerts in the neighborhood and animate everyone that is present. This is also a very good way to help children build their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Give it a try with this ideas and give us some feedback. Hope you enjoyed our Ideas to Regenerate your Neighbourhood.

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