Keeping your neighbourhood clean

Keep your neighbourhood clean prevention

Keeping your neighbourhood clean is very important for all of you in order to have a good quality of life! Nowadays it is usual seeing trash on the floor, badly tended gardens and it is up to each of us to ensure that at least in our neighbourhood it does not happen.

Keeping your neighbourhood clean: Some stepsKeeping your neighbourhood clean recycle

With some simple steps you can help your neighbourhood to be clean, and keep it clean!

Set a good example!

First of all, if you like Keeping your neighbourhood clean you must give the example before starting to ask your neighbours to do something else. Don’t flick cigarette butts onto the ground, pick up after your dog, tie your trash bag and if you see litter grab it. You can get permission from local stores to put signs that encourage people to keep the streets clean. You can also make some leaflets to get attention from people in order to they protect the planet! Keep your neighbourhood clean

Organize a town clean up!

Put all your strengths together and star cleaning your town. The environment thanks you and all of you will be so much happier in the end of the journey! Before you start the clean up you must contact your local authority’s environment departments to guide and help you. Then publicize it everywhere with some beautiful flyers with date, hours and all other specifications. Get support in your school of residence. Beside it is an excellent way to disclose your campaign you also inform children to dangerous of pollution (this is 2 in 1!). Then you just need Keeping your neighbourhood clean! Keep your neighbourhood clean plant

Plant a tree! 

Plant, Plant and Plant! Trees are very important to survival of our planet and everyday we destroy huge number of hectares of forests in the world. Beside it happens in the forests we usually see people cutting trees in the cities instead planting them. We cannot forget that trees absorve carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. That’s why they are so important to us. So pick up a beautiful one and plant it in your street! You will see that this act will make many of your neighbours follow your example! You can also plant some flowers and plants. Your neighbourhood will be much better this way! Keep your neighbourhood clean litter

Say NO to pollution!

Try to keep your car in your house and start using a bike and public transports. Never throw litter to the ground, reuse your home trash and avoid putting damaging items down the sink or toilet. Also avoid using pesticides and fertilizers. That’s a good way to Keeping your neighbourhood clean!Keep your neighbourhood clean prevention


After you have a clean neighbourhood keep it clean. Keep a little bag in your car to put small trash you may have, like cigarette butts. Don’t wash your car in the streets; go to a car-wash where it recycles water (it prevents toxins to go to our waters!).

Those simple steps can help you keep your neighbourhood free of waste and all of you can enjoy the goodness of an healthy environment. Nothing like a fresh air with smell of grass! Keeping your neighbourhood clean is a step for your and your family health and happiness!


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