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Meeting neighbours circle

Nowadays it is hard to Meet your neighbour because all of you are too busy. This scenario is becoming more and more common because of lack of time and when you get home you only open and close your garage door without having eye-contact with your neighbours. But it can be different! See how you can make your neighbourhood into a real community! 

Meet your neighbour: How can I make an approach?

Perhaps you are living in your house for a long time and you may never even see your neighbour outside his door. So it could be a little bit strange if you start to go knocking on every doors of your neighbourhood. Here you have some tips to help you doing the first contact with them and Meet your neighbour!Meet your neighbour now


First of all talk to them. It might seem simple, but it’s important that you begin to say “Good morning!” to them. It’s the first step to a successfully approach. If you are in an elevator you can perfectly say an “Hi!”, or you can walk your dog and find your neighbours doing the same thing… There are plenty situations that give you an opportunity to make this first contact. Meeting neighbours


If you live in an apartment you certainly know that scenario where all of you avoid even to look to each other. But doing this you are not available even to enjoy common areas! Many of those type of buildings have relax outdoors spaces for residents, like playground for kids, tennis court and a garden.

What you need to do is leave away your couch and, for example, spend more time working on your laptop in a common outdoor space. You will start to know your neighbours and who knows if one of them will invite you for a tennis match and you Meet your neighbourMeeting neighbourhood


If there is a local event you really have to go. Maybe it can be quite strange and awkward to go there alone, but it’s an excellent opportunity to meet a few potential friends. Of course you won’t speak to everyone around you but this kind of events provide the ambience to make some connects.


Not always you have these opportunity but if you heard about a meetup group with your interests you cannot miss this. It’s a great way to meet similarly minded people of your neighbourhood and block centric. Not excluding the other options, this is the quickly and easiest way to Meet your neighbour and make a new real friend in your neighbourhood. Meeting your neighbour


It’s not common in many countries but in many others is very usual to see people start a friendship while having lunch in the café of the corner. As we say café we also say the library next to your residence, bars, restaurants, parks and gyms. Local businesses can be very helpful in meet new people, mainly from the same residence area. Meeting neighbours circle


After you have made a friend (perhaps only an acquaintance) you will be able to start enjoying some go outs in your new friend’s circle. Do you know a better way to expand your contacts numbers?

It doesn’t matter if you are going to follow all my advices but if you are reading this post you certainly want to make an approach to your neighbours. If you didn’t like tips I gave you you still have a chance: get a hobby! Yes! Hobbies are great to meet people that have similarly minded! Hope I helped you to Meet your neighbour! 


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