Musical Chairs and Musical Statues Games

best Musical Chairs and Musical Statues Game

Looking for Musical Chairs and Musical Statues Games? We are going to present you the best games! Also, take a look at the best musical games for kids birthday parties. There you have lots of ideas for your party entertainment. Don’t forget to read our previous posts about traditional ball games for kids and funny games to play in the park

Musical Chairs and Musical Statues Games, are the most famous among the kids! There are even some adaptations from them, according to the themes of the party. Do not you know them? See now!

Best Musical Chairs and Musical Statues Games

Music is always present in children’s lives, and therefore, all games that include music always make a great success! See the best Musical Chairs and Musical Statues Games! best Musical Chairs and Musical Statues Games

Musical Chairs

This game is fantastic for children from 5 years and you do not need much to be able to accomplish it. The only things you need are chairs (as many as the number of participants except one), a reader of CDs, or a musical instrument (if you know how to play).

1. First, put all the chairs in order to form a circle, with its back to the center. Ask each child to stand in front of the chairs. You will control the music.

2. Put a music playing. When you begin to hear the music, the players walk around the chairs, keeping pace. When you stop the music, everyone tries to sit in the chairs. The one who stays without a seat is eliminated.

3. Remove a chair and the music will start playing again. Repeat the game until the last lap, which is done with just a Musical Chairs and Musical Statues Game

Musical Statues Games

We will show you now an adaptation of this game so funny! Any child from 5 years can participate, and you do not need many things. Look!

Requirements: boxes, paper, transparent tape, caramels and music player.

How to play:

  1. First, you need to fabricate a large package by introducing a small box in other, bigger. Wrap each of the boxes of paper, and in the first you are going to put inside toffees and other small supply.
  2. Place all the players seated in a circle and put the music playing.
  3. As the music plays, the packet passes from hand to hand, from left to right.
  4. By the time the music stops, all players must stay in the statue, except the player who has the box on hand.
  5. The player with the box unwraps it very quickly and then the music will play again.
  6. The player to open the last box gets the content.

Did you like our ideas? Hope you have lots of fun playing these Musical Chairs and Musical Statues Games! 

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