Neighbour patrols and security

Neighbour patrol and security

Neighbour patrols and security can make all the difference in your day to day life. The truth is that we feel increasingly insecure, but with the union of the neighbourhood, we can fight this feeling. See how in this post. Also see our previous posts, such as maintenance of communal areas and creating a neighbours watch group

In many communities has been witnessing a union of residents against theft, and other problems associated with crime.

With the flags “Not here, thief: united neighbours,” or, “alert Neighbours: unity and peace. A supervised area by the community. Any attitude suspected the police will be triggered immediately, “the neighbourhoods ensure the safety of all.

Neighbour patrols and security: Be safe! 


The truth is that the dangers are on the loose, and increasingly, even in places where there were peace and quiet, people today are afraid, having suffered several assaults among other dangerous situations.

Police patrols do not give the job done, and so they have chosen for themselves take precautionary measures in order to bring peace back and security for all with these Neighbour patrols and security.

Neighbour patrol and securityThe idea is that every neighbourhood gets together, create a watch group, and do patrols in pairs or more, alternating manner. So ensure that nothing bad happens, and situations that they find suspicious can trigger the police immediately.

In some communities have even created a Whatsapp group , and also made signs to put in front of the houses.

This works as an intimidation to the thieves. And in fact, all the houses that had those signs, none was burglarized.

Neighbours warn when they are not at home, always leaving other with an eye on their home.

But if you think people live busy because of Neighbour patrols and security, make no mistake! The neighbours play in the midst of so much concern! The idea is to be able to create a dynamic group, and knowing better people, can even spend quality and fun times together.Neighbours patrols and security

In many places, these “networks of protected neighbours” act in collaboration with the local police. These networks are a set of organised people who perform systematic actions in order to kerb the action of offenders and ensure safety through information that is passed on to the police.

For this network neighbours to work it is crucial that the neighbours know each other, that they know their contacts and habits so that it becomes a structured network.

In practice, what happens is that people become alive cameras. They adopt strategies always guided by the police in order to protect each other, mutual manner.Neighbour patrols and security tips

These Neighbour patrols and security mobilise the community to take proactive measures, creating mechanisms to hinder the action of offenders. So just improving personal, asset protection and therefore increasing safety and promoting social peace.

So, what are you waiting for? Join now all your neighbours, move up to the nearest police station, and talk to them about the possibility of creating your own neighbours’ safety net.

They’ll give you great tips for sure, and will forward you to a good way. I am sure your Neighbour patrols and security will be a success!

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