Organising a bake sale for charity

organising a bake sale for charity step by step

Organising a bake sale for charity is a great way to get some money to help the others. So, have a look at this post and find out how you can organise an awesome bake sale. Also, have a look at our previous posts, such as some funny contest for your neighbourhood party and party food items to do at home

If you are looking for a way to get money, then Organising a bake sale for charity is an excellent solution. They are very easy to organise, and besides, they cost very little and are quite fun. See how you can do it quickly and easily!

Organising a bake sale for charity: Step by step

The first thing to organise a bake party is to have a reason to do it. In this case, it may be to offer money to some charity. Note that you should always know to whom you are sending your money so that everything works out in the end.

After that, start by preparing a pamphlet, or any other type of presentation of your event, which will include the reason for your party. This is a great way to promote your causes.

organising a bake sale for charity step by step

You can place a jar for donations, and if you are raising money for a cause, be sure to give the opportunity to others to donate as well.

Ask friends and family for help.

When you are Organising a bake sale for charity do not be ashamed to ask for help from your friends and family.

Explain to them what your reasons are, and surely they will be happy to assist you in this event with such a noble cause.

Choose the location.

The place is one of the key parts of an event, and you must choose the place where you will organise your party very well. It could be a school, college, or other places that are well frequented.

You can also ask permission for some stores in the locality to have your party there. Some of them will allow you to host the event on their premises.


Prepare your stand.

Have a table, a chair, and a sign. You can also plan to put some folding tables in there, some chairs or benches, a tent (in case the weather is not pleasant), some tablecloths, and a nice decoration to have at your party.

Also have a refrigerator to put the drinks inside, crock pots to have hot things, like hot chocolate, and of course, your money box.

Pack the cake for the trip.

We can not forget that we are Organising a bake sale for charity, so we should be careful about the cakes that we are going to take to the party.

So make some little boxes so people can take it home, as well as cutlery and plastic dishes in case they want to eat there. Of course, do not forget the napkins, because many people prefer to eat this way.

Well, follow our tips when you are Organising a bake sale for charity and I am sure you will succeed!

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