Traditional ball games for kids

Best Traditional ball games for kids

There are several Traditional ball games for kids all over the world. And that’s what we are going to talk about. Traditional games can be very fun, and kids love them, as much as they love other games, and sometimes even more! Read this post and find the best traditional ball games. Also, take a look at our posts about funny games to play in the park and jogging in the local park

There is no doubt that the kids love to play with balls, it can be football, basketball or other games like Bowling. So, everywhere, there are some traditional games where the ball is the center of activity, precisely because they like so much this item! Best Traditional ball games for kids

Best Traditional ball games for kids


Traditional ball games for kids bring many advantages because these games help children learning how to hold the ball in different ways, developing special skills. And the best part of it all is that they have fun a lot.

Here are two very funny examples of Traditional ball games for kids, one from Colombia and one from Mexico.

OBA from Colombia

This game is very interesting, and when we visited this country we see many children  playing this game on the street. The game consists of taking the ball and try to throw it up against the wall, but always trying to make different movements, and Also singing a song about the game.Traditional ball games for children

This game is very interesting precisely for developing the motor skills of children, helping to develop their ability to hold the ball in different ways (with one arm, with both arms, trying to take a turn while the ball returns to us, with the arms behind the back, leaning with one foot, or jumping).

Keep the Ball from Mexico

As you can see, Traditional ball games for kids besides being fun can help kids in their development, especially the motor skills.

This game is very fun, and it is part of the traditions of Mexico. It is very common this game is played with family and friends, and it is one of the favourites of children. Let’s see now how to play this amazing game!best Traditional ball games for children

First, we have to form two teams. There are no number of players limit (which is fantastic, whether for small groups, such as for large groups). It is played with one hand, and sometimes with our feet. Before the game starts we decide the rules: the playing time and the size of the field, for example. It uses also a soft ball.

Therefore, to initiate the game, someone throws the ball to the sky. The player to catch the ball has to save it for his team. So to keep the ball in his team, he throws the ball to his teammates. The opponents have to try to catch the ball. Note that you can not return the ball to who gave to you previously. That is, if I throw you the ball, you can not  throw it to me again, but to the other player of your team.

Once the time expires, wins the team that has the ball!

Did you like our article? Try these two fantastic games and tell us if you found them amusing. Do you know any Traditional ball games for kids? Tell us!

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